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Our Lady, a Cross, and a 1st Class Relic


Obviously, I am no authority to say one way or the other about what I am going to post here, but I will do so at the encouragement of some clergy who feel I should make this known.

I took this photo by the Hudson River at St. Augustine's Parish in Ossining, New York after the 8:30 morning Mass, August 6, 2012. If experts wish to examine this photo it can be proven this was not photo shopped. The original photo is still on the cell phone and would have digital information embedded into it that would confirm this is original. There was also a New York City Fireman (John) with me when I took this photo.  You can see him describe what he saw here:

There were also people in Church who saw the photo immediately after I took it. The Parish Priest also went over what happened with me and told me not to lose this photo because it was a sign.

When I saw this in the sky I had a deep sense that God was about to punish us for the sins of abortion and homosexuality by means of a cataclysmic event using the elements. It was 12 weeks later that Hurricane Sandy hit and the waters of this entire region did its devastation.

In addition to what is in the photo, a reliquary was being made in Italy to contain a 1st class relic of Pope St. John Paul II. Neither myself, or other parishioners, knew about the reliquary or what it would look like. The reliquary was brought to St. Augustine's and placed directly in front of the tree in the photo only several hundred feet away. There appears to be a correlation between the tree with Mary and the Cross, a 1st Class relic of Pope St. John Paul II, and a photo of the tree taken after Hurricane Sandy, but before the reliquary arrived, which some believe confirms the original photo indicated a punishment to come with a cataclysmic event.

The 1st class relic of Pope St. John Paul II also has a special significance for me. The blood of Pope John Paul on this cloth was spilled the day my mother was in Rome, and through divine providence, God used my mother to save the life of Pope St. John Paul II the day he was shot. You can read about this in one of the articles in the newspapers at this link: Click Here

I've made a few comments with the photos below. If you have any questions I can be reached Here

Above is the original photo with an inset on the right
ZOOMING IN - On the left appears to be the Virgin Mary. Just before this photo was taken the cross was perfectly just like 2 beams that were 90 degrees to each other. It tilted just as I was taking the picture and certain things appear to show up on the cross as will be seen later.

This speaks for itself. We see the silhouette and form of Mary. We see Mother Theresa praying
in the same posture as Mary with hands folded in front of face.

The photos below show the striking similarities to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

There appears to be a glow around Mary in the sky, the same as on the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
(Note: The image of Guadalupe was turned to the right for comparison).

Mary's head is tilted at the same angle, and the sleeve over the arm is at the same location.

The angle of leg is the same.

Our Lady of Guadalupe was dressed as a woman with child. It appears that Mary in the sky is holding a child in her arm as she prays,  and the child appears to be looking at the face of Jesus next Mary and on the Cross as will be seen below. This in a day when abortion  is rampant throughout the world. When I first saw this in the sky I sensed punishment for abortion and homosexuality is about to come.

There appears to be the face of Christ with the Crown of Thorns. Is this the face on the Shroud of Turin? Some have  suggested this image in the sky may confirm the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.

An image of the Shroud of Turin was placed over image of face on the photo and then shown in 10 stages of transparency 10 degrees  at at time from 0% - 100%. Facial dimension and features, hair down the sides of head, moustache, beard, and more align and match.

The size of the image will be increased several times to accommodate different screen sizes. Below that is a comparison of facial features.

Below - What appears to be the image of Christ's face looking to the right in the direction of the Hudson River shown in three levels  of contrast shown in different sizes for different screen sizes.

Below - The photo below shows the tree after Hurricane Sandy hit. A relationship between this tree and the reliquary of Pope St. John Paul II will  be examined more closely, but the reliquary was being made in Italy, unknown to to the Parishioners when the picture of the tree after the hurricane was taken.

Below - Is the reliquary containing a 1st class relic of St. John Paul II inside the church which is directly in front of the tree  with the Cross and what appears to be Mary in the sky.

The following photos show what appears to a providential warning related to Hurricane Sandy.

Above - The cross was perfectly vertical but tilted to the right as though wind was pushing it as the photo was taken. The center of the Cross  is directly in the middle of the 2 branches that will remain after the storm. The 3rd branch, farthest to the right, will be ripped off the  tree by the wind of the hurricane producing what appears to be a direct correlation to the reliquary.

Above - This is the actual position relationship between the reliquary and the tree. If you look out the window of the church the location of the  tree is exactly in line with the cross on the reliquary.

Above - It appears that God, in His divine providence, wished to indicate a future event with a cross in the sky leaning slightly to the right, as though being blown by wind, by breaking a tree with a hurricane that would later correlate to the Cross leaning slightly to the right on the reliquary of Pope St. John Paul II. There is no better way to indicate the breaking and tearing away of a branch than with a jagged edge that  correlates between the place where the branch was torn away and the jagged edge at the same relative location on the cross on top of the  reliquary of Pope St. John Paul II. Note the correlation above and below in the red boxes.

Above - In addition to the jagged edge on the reliquary which corresponds with the same place the 3rd branch broke off, the red box on the lower  right shows where the remaining round stump of the branch that broke off, indicated by the white circle. The Circular reliquary containing the  blood of St. John Paul II bears the same relative location to the cross on the reliquary as to the stump (marked in white) to the remaining branch on the right which also correlates to the shape of the cross on top of the reliquary of Pope St. John Paul II.

Above - A closer view of the tree after Hurricane Sandy showing the correlation between the shape of the remaining branch on the right and the shape of  the cross on the reliquary, as well as the round reliquary containing the 1st Class relic of Pope St. John Paul II, and the round stump left  where the branch broke on the tree as seen on the right.

Above - The reliquary in daylight with red arrow pointing to tree location outside the window.

Above - Over and under of the precise location of the tree in relation to the reliquary.

Roger LeBlanc

When Hurricane Sandy hit the following was the front page of The New York Post.


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